SAG Duffle Bag

Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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New Concept
Duffle Bag

Stay Alive Gear have re-imagined the good old fashioned Duffle Bag!

That catch all, stuff-it-all bag that used to be a staple of servicemen and women all over the world - and of course popular with navy folk!

SAG Duffle Bag

With a totally new approach to the design it features:

  • Continuously adjustable capacity from 36 to 90 litres;
  • Triple Access - flap with a zipper and opening at each end;
  • The possibility of carrying long objects - just leave one end open;
  • Empty bag compresses to a small, flat-pack;
  • Carrying handle and shoulder strap;
  • Molle to attach additional pockets;
  • Velcro to attach patches and badges;

The Universal Transportation bag has made the old Duffle bag - TACTICOOL again!

From SAGear...of course!

SAG Duffle Bag

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