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Ohshiboom logoOh...Shi.....BOOM SHOCK!
BFG Update
- by Yosser

The guys from Ohshiboom have updated their range of Impact BFG’s which were released into the airsoft community during 2013.

Airsoft Odyssey covered the original OhShiBoom with a review which you can catch on the blog here: http://www.airsoftodyssey.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/ohshiboom-review.html and while the main form and function of the original product is the same, we will cover some of the main differences in this article – so for a full flavour of the OhShiBoom BFG device you may wish to refer to the original article.

OhShiBOOM Shock Yellow OhShiBOOM Shock closeup OhShiBOOM Pin
OhShiBOOM Shock Yellow Impact Blank Firing Grenade (click for larger images)

The newly styled SHOCK OhShiBoom’s are now available in BLUE, YELLOW, RED, TITANIUM, and of course original BLACK. So apart from the colours what else is different?

In function it’s exactly the same! Some airsofters had noted in use that the standard cotter/split pin design was bending easily. So after listening to user feedback the OhShiBoom team had a slight redesign and have produced a custom thicker pin for the device. The impact of this has meant a redesigned head for the device, with a larger diameter hole (3mm) in the ‘wobble’ head to accommodate the thicker, stronger pin. You won’t be bending this easily! So any newly purchased OhShiBooms should come with this ‘upgrade’ assuming you are buying the latest stock from your supplier of airsoft gear. They are also looking into a solution for the older designed devices which have a smaller 2mm hole in the ‘wobble head’.

OhShiBOOM LoadingI did note in use that the older design had a better tolerance for either 9mm or 10mm rounds - this one would ONLY accept the 9mm blanks though which made me less impressed with their versality - I wonder if this is a quality control issue on the sizing and my original OhShiboom is just an aberration?

Otherwise everything else is exactly the same, function, look (well apart from the pin and hole in the wobble head!) – It’s the same device and the device changes don’t affect its use. Sensitivity, robustness and operation all remain unchanged.

If you have damaged your original safety pin don’t worry you can order a replacement on line.

OhShiBOOM old and new OhShiBOOM old and new Closeup
OhShiBOOM Old & New

Yosser says: Nice to see other colours available in the range. I was disappointed that the new version wouldn't take my 10mm blanks - but I could just change the bottom sections for that issue. For regular users of BFGs the change in the pin to a more propriety solution may put some off the purchase, as spilt pin replacement wasn’t difficult to begin with and many players I know carry plenty of spares on their tac vests – colours great, split pin redesign overkill IMHO.

We really need to get these brands compared SWAT Device Vs OhShiboom!

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