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G&G Update
From IWA 2014
by Maree & Keith

G&G booth update, all the intel from the guys - so where is all that gear they promosed at previous shows for WW2 airsofters and more intel from intrepid reporters Maree & Keith reporting EXCLUSIVELY for Airsoft Odyssey at IWA 2014....

'Another highlight from IWA 2014 was spending time with the G&G Team. Over the past two years, we have always been invited along to the G&G booth to spend time with the management and of course the "show" team, who have always impressed us by the openness of their answers to our questions, and how much access they share of their business operations with us, so we can bring you the very latest G&G intel.

At previous shows we have spent time with the director of G&G profiling his operations and we concluded that G&G are going places. This year, we spent time with Sylvia, the Head of Media, and followed up several long term projects G&G have been working on. I admire G&G’s open honest approach and as always were happy to admit where the problems were and what was still left to solve something other manufacturers could follow when promising release dates and products. The team of G&G has been very carefully constructed to ensure a tight knit, Asian style, paternalistic organisation, focused on outcomes. The majority of the staff are hand picked, speak several languages, and have intimate product knowledge. This tight knit team is motivated to give their best to their customers with is typical of many ‘Asian Tiger’ companies. There is definitely no "I" in team at G&G.

G&G have several products underway that we have reported on in the past. Sylvia, ran us through a few that we have reported on at previous shows. Firstly, there is the M1 Garand that we reported on at last year's LV Shot Show. Well, G&G were quick to point out that they were sorry that it was not on the market yet, as they felt like they had let Airsofters down, but they pointed out that while there were any minor issues they did not wish to release the product. She went onto explain that they had tried to do as much as they could for all Airsofters, by making the AEG capable of taking high caps, and then working out an expensive engineering solution to make this work whilst making the rifle as realistic as possible but the solution had, unfortunately, alluded them. She stated that they were now working on completing the 100 percent reliability of the mid caps, and when complete they will announce a release date through the Airsoft media who have followed the story. It was interesting to note how genuine she was in her statement that G&G did not wish any AEG to leave them without what they see as 100 percent reliability.

The second major item on the agenda was the MG42, I have observed a lot of misinformation building over this highly anticipated AEG so decided sort the fact from the rumour with Sylvia’s help. Firstly, it was always going to be the MG42 for G&G as they saw it as the most iconic and most wanted. This is a very smart choice for G&G, as in the early part of WW2, the MG36 was replaced by the 42 due to unreliability issues. Thus, producing the MG36 was seen as not being an accurate reflection of the period for Airsofters and re-enactors wants and needs. Plus, the MG42 in variations, is still in service in some parts of Europe, thus it can be carried by Airsofters doing a modern theme. It has also been spotted on recent battlefields. Therefore, this is a winner for G&G, especially with the realism they intend on putting in to the product. Now, to dispel the second thing I have heard; the release date! Well, there is no release date! In fact, the MG42 is a shell at the moment, designed to gauge interest and draw attention. It is at the engineering stage, and the further development could take up to 18 months. Therefore we would not expect a release date any sooner than 2015 Shot Show and Sylvia refused to even give a guess. "We made that mistake with the Garand and the boss does not want to do it again" she told us. We will report again on developments from next year's Shot Show.

G&G MG42
G&G MG42

Now, onto the new! Whilst at G&G, which we spread over 4 days, we decided to follow up on another item that we first reported on last year; the MARS system. We also looked at the new G&G realistic M4 midcaps, which we predict will be an instant winner with Milsim fans everywhere, and finally, the G&G Vintorez
G&G M4 MARS systemG&G M4 MARS system
G&G M4 MARS system

Firstly then, the MARS system. As we reported last year, G&G have been working on a Modular gearbox designs, known as the G&G Armament's Modular Assault Rifle System, which is an innovative advancement for AEG models. Based off the version 2 gearbox, thereby retaining wide aftermarket compatibility, as we reported last year, the system supports quick spring changing and even simple motor swapping thanks to the wire-free detachable motor integrated pistol grip. An integrated MOSFET, mounted at the back of the gearbox, to prevent the trigger contact burns. As we also reported, the magazine cut-off feature stops the replica from firing when the magazine runs out of BB's or there is no magazine present. Finally, the front part of the gearbox shell has been extended to relieve internal wear and stress and a new cylinder head design does away with the need for a tappet plate. This is a cut down version of what was on show last year, missing the split gearbox design and the modular programmable mosfet, but this is due to G&G wanting to let airsofters start to use some of the advantages of the system whilst they solve the final glitches in the full system. The MARS rifles should be available as they work their way through the supply chain later this year (2014). Interestingly enough, it will be available in the VSS Vintorez.

VSS Vintorez Broken downVSS Vintorez Broken down
G&G VSS Vintorez Broken down

So onto the VSS Vintorez. Like King Arms, G&G has been working on a VSS Vintorez for a while now! In the case of the G&G one, while it appears to be the last one released, G&G has spent their time working on developing such aspects as there being only two screws in the breakdown of the AEG, and those are to remove the gearbox. As stated, it will contain the MARS system, and when you have emptied a magazine, you will have to rack the changing handle to start the AEG again. The finish is excellent. Whilst fans of King Arms, and after our story reviewing the King Arms Vintorez, we compared the two side by side late one day at the show, and while the external finish on both is excellent, we gave the nod to the G&G one based on the innovative engineering of how the gun breaks down and the inclusion of the MARS system. Thus, this is THE one to wait for! As with the M1 Garrand G&G have not won the race to be first to the market but with the level of detail that is put in and the innovations they have incorporated to give the player more realism they always, even as the tortoise, seem to make it as the winner. All we can say it’s great to see G&G aren't willing to sacrifice their hard fought reputation of quality and innovation for being the first.

Finally, G&G have come up with a winning ticket in the magazines they have developed to work with the MARS system! The new G&G M4 magazines. In fact, I am not going to say anything more than say that they come only in 30 round, ‘real cap’ magazines so far, but they trip the MARS system, and they look like, well, look at the pictures! No need to say anything more except I want a dozen! So, in conclusion, it was again a pleasure to receive an invite to again spend some time with G&G and to spend time with different members of the team. The organisation is well led, and is turning itself into a credit to the worldwide Airsoft community in the same way that Asian "Tiger Economies" developed in the last decade of the 20th and the first decade of the 21st century. They are an organisation on the move!

G&G M4 MagG&G M4 MagG&G M4 Mag
NEW G&G M4 Mags

G&G an organisation ON THE MOVE!

Watch out for more IWA 2014 reports from Maree & Keith.

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