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Posted by Unknown On Sunday, May 11, 2014

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New Products from
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New Products from SR Union at the Grange

Yet another exciting new product range has just become available at The Grange. SRU have released a small but very impressive range of pistols and tactical bags.

Rapid Deployment Case

Rapid Deployment CaseRapid Deployment Case

The SRU Rapid Deployment Case is a revolutionary new way of carrying your gear on the battlefield. It allows immediate access to your weapon in even the most intense combat situations whilst providing safe, efficient and unparallelled storage for transportation of your equipment. With plenty of room for a full sized assault rifle, magazines, ammo and extras the Rapid Deployment Case will never let you down when it matters most.

The RDC features auto-folding legs, and is made of nylon fabric for the perfect balance of toughness and lightness. Capable of fitting dual standard AR rifles with magazines, and a total weight of up to 18kg, this case is perfect for a diverse range of situations. The inner dividers are modular and attached with velcro, so can be adjusted or removed to create the right fit for your gear

Dimensions: 92cm(L) x 20cm(W) x 35cm(H)

SR-X Apache

SR-X Apache

The SR-X Apache is a new pistol from SRU closely resembling the XDM. Features include a CNC floating rail, CNC slide and outer barrel, precision hop unit and inner barrel, ultra bright night sights and a sleek, well finished look. Since it has almost identical dimensions to the WE XDM it will fit into any XDM compatible holster. This pistol comes with its own hard case.

Currently available in Black or Grey.

SR4 Stealth

SR4 Stealth

This impossibly good looking compact pistol is based on the PX4 Bulldog. The SR4 Stealth features a CNC aluminium topslide with built in fibre optics, and comes with 2 spare grips to ensure it sits just right in your hands, and also a second mag. Available in tan/black, black or chrome/black.

If you want to know more about these or any of our other products, check out our website at, contact us by email, or give us a call at 01676 534178.

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