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Metal Wire Goggles
- Reviewed by Yosser

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Now if like me, conventional glasses or goggles do nothing but steam up and hinder your airsoft game play, you may wish to consider mesh or stamped steel goggles. You can’t put a price on protecting your eyesight, but before going down the custom road of some of the higher end stamped steel eye pro you might want to consider something a little more budget to see whether this type of eye protection suits you.

I’ve seen some cheapo wire mesh goggles which I wouldn’t recommend anyone wear in game, especially as some of the cheaper end ones easily deform, or at close range and high fps just fail completely, so you have to be careful you don’t go too budget.

Obviously, due to the holes in the mesh (or stamped out sections) you are still prone to any potential fragmentation, but after a number of years playing I’ve never suffered any of this. But it IS important that as a responsible player you need to understand that this is YOUR choice/risk to take.

These goggles do reduce a wearers risk, they are closed cup and seal around the eye, so unlike shooting glasses are less likely to let in any stray rounds from the sides or underneath. The fit is comfortable due to the padded foam layer surrounding the frame of the goggles. The frames are vented to aid comfort, while the fit can of course be adjusted via an elasticated strap that goes around the head.

Safety is paramount, so I tested these goggles on the S.W.A.T. range shooting at them from a variety of distances with varying fps outputs. In short the goggles survived and didn’t fail at about a meter range with a 5 joule Dan Wesson replica revolver (used only for target shooting) at 733 fps. This did slightly deform the mesh but not hugely to the point where it failed. Other rounds at about 295 fps and nearer 350 fps the goggles survived quite happily. I would certainly use these in a skirmish and trust them to perform.

I like the way these goggles are presented in a box and even come with a carry pouch which is a nice touch for such a budget range. Some people find it very difficult to adjust their eye focus with the mesh so close to their eyes but with a little perseverance I soon adjusted to this style of goggles and personally wouldn’t use anything else now (although for target shooting I still use shooting glasses).

If you’re thinking of switching over to mesh/stamped steel and don’t want to spend loads while you see if you can adjust to them – these would be a great starting point before shelling out on a custom pair or something more expensive.

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