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Posted by Unknown On Sunday, June 01, 2014

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NUPROL 2.0 & 3.0 Gas
- Reviewed by Yosser

With so much hype and publicity surrounding the new gases from WE Europe I thought it was time we take a look at the gases available and see what they are all about, so we went about a brief test of the Nuprol 2.0 (Green can) and the Nuprol 3.0 (Red can).

For the test we took a standard WE Pistol – a WE XDM and loaded it up with .20g BB’s for all the tests – firing each gas in turn through a chrono to measure FPS, refilling with the next gas and then allowing the magazine and pistol to reach ambient temperature before continuing with the test firing to try and give an even playing field in terms of operating temperatures to each gas in turn.

We kicked off the testing with the ‘standard’ gas, which I’m sure if you check the labelling you can probably tell what ‘standard’ we used in the test. It was a pretty standard (no pun intended) performance, as I would have expected from the product.

So moving onto the Nuprol 2.0 Green Canister. Using this did increase the velocity by approximately 10 FPS or so. In percentage terms approximately a 2 to 3% performance increase over the bench mark ‘standard’ we used. It did take a number of retries to get a consistent result from the 2.0 gas but I’d put this down to the magazines becoming extremely cold as well as the pistol frame. The condensation on the magazine and slide were noticeable as well as the extremely cold temperature of them.

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The Nuprol 3.0 Red Canister it should be noted does carry a warning that it should NOT be used in temperatures above 10 degrees – but hey nothing ventured, and we have to see what happens? Don’t we? The gas resulted in an extremely cold pistol and magazines again, which led to failures but we got a run of a few rounds before the inevitable venting which you see at the very end of the taped run. Sadly, FPS wise it was way down and underperformed. But I must add that this gas is designed to be used on cold days so the ambient temperature of 14 degrees inside probably didn’t do it any favours to be totally fair.

In conclusion – well it’s safe to say I’d be wary of using either the Nuprol 2.0 or 3.0 gases in any pistol with a plastic slide, as I think the extreme cold generated won’t do the pistol or slide any good with prolonged use. The Nuprol 2.0 gas I’d certainly give a go to in normal conditions but I’ll save the 3.0 for winter use (or on very cold days) only. Otherwise it will be business as usual for my standard gas based purely on the price probably. I have a feeling this might need revisiting in the deepest coldest UK winters day, assuming global warming doesn’t take effect for us!

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