Wolverine SMP

Posted by Unknown On Monday, June 23, 2014

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Wolverine SMP
HPA System
@The Grange

Wolverine SMP
Wolverine SMP HPA System @ The Grange

Wolverine SMP HPA System at the Grange
The introduction of HPA (high pressure air) technology into the airsoft market ushered in a new era. HPA technology carries with it the highest level of reliability and performance that is virtually unsurpassed.

The Grange is proud to present the newest HPA system on the market, the Wolverine SMP. Since the Wolverine system features only 1 moving solenoid and is powered by HPA, its reliability and consistency is unparalleled. Maintenance is also reduced to a bare minimum.

Wolverine SMP:HPA System
A much simpler system than other current HPA products, the SMP drops into your existing gearbox meaning it can be placed with very little difficulty into almost any gun platform at all.

To see just how easy the installation process is, click here.

Using the Fire Control Unit (FCU) you can customise the FPS, rate of fire, and set burst mode, as well as making on-the-fly adjustments to make sure your gun is always optimally set up for any situation you encounter.

The SMP uses a custom 500mAh 7.4V LiPo battery for power, and has a built in Protection Circuit Module to prevent overcharging or discharging the battery. The permanent sleep function greatly improves battery life by waking the battery only long enough for you to pull the trigger. There is also built in protection against an incorrectly connected battery.

So why choose the SMP?

Wolverine SMP:HPA System
• Simple installation
• 1 moving part means unbeatable levels of consistency and reliability
• Cross platform compatibility
• Programmable velocity, rate of fire and burst modes
• Open bolt design (no dry fire on first shot)
• Reduced cost due to fewer parts
• Built in battery safety mechanisms

For more information, visit wolverineairsoft.com or contact us at The Grange

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