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We have a great guest post for airsofters who love their tactics, want to improve their game, outwit and dominate their battle space - or simply just love the action. This guest post covers a publication written by its author J.W Hurcomb which covers all sorts of tactical hints, tips and scenarios - aimed at beginners AND seasoned players - the publication is free to download and is donation funded.

I'll it to its author to take it from here:

"Recently I finished writing an Airsoft manual specifically regarding tactics. The manual took players from individual skills that a beginner would want to know all the way to squad tactics with radio, voice and hand communication thrown in between chapters. You can find the manual at http://gum.co/airsofttactics where it’s put up as pay what you want. Read it first then pay what you feel it’s worth afterwards.

A heavily researched tactical manual written with airsofters in mind. From the beginner player wanting to learn the skills to come better to the experienced team wanting advanced tactics to strengthen their game. This manual has it all.

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Today, I want to discuss counter flanking for a two man team. I think we can all agree that flanking is quickly learnt by beginners and is one of the basic tactics used to help win games. Being able to counter a flank by the enemy is in my definition one of the essential techniques to classify yourself as an experienced team. If your team has the ability to counter a flank you can stop their push forwards and launch your own counter attack.

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Our two man green army Fire Team (FT), is stuck behind this bunker. The white player at the top is providing suppressing fire while the white player to the right is flanking them to launch an assault.

The first step this FT takes is to form a basic two man wedge formation. One player in front the other, the other slightly behind and to one side. The man at the front will engage with the white player providing suppressing fire. Best case he can stop his suppression, if he can’t achieve this he wants to disrupt the suppression. The player behind is going to focus on the assaulting white player. He needs to slow him down either by getting him to give up on assaulting and engage the green player from where he is or firing at him so he can’t move down the line as fast.

Airsoft Tactics Pic3
This is the critical moment in the game. The suppressing green player needs to get the suppressing white player to put his head down so that our assaulting green player can dash across the field and if at all possible he should try to fire at the assaulting white player to stop him from shooting at our player.

If the green player does not get across and gets hit, the other player should fall back straight away. He won’t be able to hold this position without support.

Airsoft Tactics Pic4
With our green player safely behind the barrels and engaging the white player on the right we are now at a stalemate. The game now comes down to either individual skill of which player can hit the other or a better option radioing or communication to your team for reinforcements to tip the scale in your favour. Though this tactic didn’t get the green team a win, it didn’t cause them to lose which is most certainly the case if the white team had finished their flanking operation.

This tactic and more are explained in just as much detail in the Airsoft Tactics Manual which can be found on http://gum.co/airsofttactics.

Train hard, Fight easy.
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