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Posted by Unknown On Sunday, November 30, 2014

BFG/VTG Holsters by HW Holsters
Review by Yosser

Here at the blog we love to see airsoft innovation at its best and the Kydex Custom made VTG and BFG holders definitely come under that category.

Kydex VTG HolsterKydex VTG HolsterKydex VTG Holster
Produced by HW Holsters, who specialise in handmade custom holsters and anything else that you might need made out of Kydex, and now they’ve also introduced into their range of gear, holsters for the VTG and BFGx. As you’ll already know the VTG is the time delayed Versatile Training Grenade and the BFGX is the impact Blank Firing Grenade both produced by

Like many of their other holsters, these are available in a good variety of colours to compliment your kit, including black, olive, tan and hydro dipped multicam but please check the HW Holsters website for the latest info on finishes available. As well as colour availability you can also customise the attachments.

The VTG and BFG holsters I have, both have the malice clip options fitted, but you can opt for either the long or short variety, belt loops, Blade Tech Molle Lok and Tek Lok designs again check the website for availability. You could even just directly attach them to drop leg fitting via the supplied screw holes. With the supplied malice clips attachment to existing molle vest is easy and gives a variety of options that I was more than happy with.

In use I have no problems with the grenades in these holsters, some people expressed concern that they could fall out too easily, but honestly myself and others that use these regularly have had no problems with this happening at all. Fitted correctly via the malice clips they functioned really well and gave excellent quick access to the BFG or VTG when called upon. We tried to make the grenades fall out by running up and down stairs, jolting them and whatever else we could think of to do, under normal use I don’t see these being dislodged easily. The Kydex has just enough spring in it and has taken loads of fitting and pulling out of the grenades than I have counted and it’s still going strong 2 months later without showing cracks or any sign of breakage. The website does warn you about leaving in extremely hot cars as this will affect the Kydex.

The guys over at HW Holsters now produce these great bits of kit to cover other grenades on the market such as the GR20, M203 shell, TMR and Tornado Impact grenade. Plus check the website for pistol and magazine holsters with loads of custom options.

Check out their Website:

Yosser says: Great kit from HW Holsters, really impressed with the fit and finish of these Kydex holsters and I’ve seen some of the pistol holsters these guys produce, truly impressed! Some Kydex produced stuff has a ‘home made roughness’ to it. Not so this gear – it looks professionally made and produced with attention to detail and a nice range of options available. Well worth checking out and adding to your load-outs.

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