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Ever since the USA ‘outsourced’ warfare to Private Military Contractors, the now acceptable face of mercenary work, airsofters have followed the trend and load outs have followed too. There was a time when MERCS used and wore all the available surplus kit they could get their hands on but as the trend has changed to PMCs so has the fashion and kit available to these highly paid and highly deniable ‘forces’ available to Govts, private corporations and people with the means to pay for the ‘protection’.

So as the cash is good in this line of work many of the PMC load outs will incorporate the great & good in a mix and match of military and civilian gear, although some military gear is not for official sale or use by civilians and many PMCs want a more low key and less military look to their kit, PMCs often go for rugged use outdoor gear or as the ‘private’ sector has grown many manufacturers specifically cater now to this market. For airsofters to get this look is relatively easy by mixing and matching kit you may already have or is easily acquired.

PMC LoadoutPMC Loadout from side
For research just check out what many of the operatives are wearing ‘in country’ from the many pictures available via a quick internet search – but you will notice recurring brands and designer labels, with the likes of 5.11, Oakley, Blackhawk, Magpul to name drop just a few commercially available brands.

I checked out a leading UK based website for gear that stocks many of these popular brands – POLIMIL - these guys are suppliers to Police, military and security forces and have a good range of everything needed for this kind of load out (or other gear suitable for airsoft or outdoor use).

In the picture which goes with this article I’ve combined genuine Oakley Sunglasses – although you may want to ‘swap’ for your usual eye pro or shooting glasses in game, with a Blackhawk polo. The polo seems to be pretty standard wear but if you can hold of a genuine ‘Blackwater’ polo or other PMC branded polo or shirt kudos to you. I like the Blackhawk polo it is extremely comfortable to wear, has a handy sleeve pocket just big enough for an ipod nano and even has a pass through for the wired headphones and a microphone clip below the centre placket. In hot weather it’s a very easy polo to run out with due to its moisture wicking abilities. Of course you may want to use a standard plate carrier or some of the lighter rigs available but that’s pretty much down to personal choice and of course how you want to rig it out with pouches and accessories. It should be noted that 5.11 does an excellent polo with microphone clips like this one but also additional clip points on the right and left shoulder points.

In the load out pictured I’ve used a standard sling but many will go for the Magpul MS variety slings, again maybe use what you've already got or suits the weapon you’re using. Many PMC’s use M4’s (or variations) with the AK also being popular although some are tricked out with tactical options. Talking of weapon choices I’ve teamed up a Fobus rotating paddle holster with my 1911 pistol as this allows for the cant of the holster to be adjusted, again down to personal choice and side arm (see review). If you’re sporting a plate carrier you may wish to attach any holster to that.

Belt, holster and pocket close upPMC Loadout
For trousers I’ve gone with 5.11 Tactical Stryke trousers, available in a variety of colours and a good range of sizes these are comfortable and cool to wear. I like the styled cargo pockets which are situated slightly higher and contain inner areas great for holding spare magazines and they are securely closed with Velcro with some nice detailed 5.11 logos on the pocket flaps. The side pockets are low profile and provide for quick access to deep pockets. The trousers can even accommodate interior knee pads should they be needed. Movement in these wasn’t an issue due to the material and construction using what the makers call Flex-Tactm. This lightweight, breathable, poly/cotton ripstop incorporates stretchable yarns resulting in what is a truly great pair of trousers which despite some mucky situations and numerous washes have retained their colour. These are so good I think I’ll be getting some more for casual wear.

Footware is of course extremely important; I’m wearing Magnum Stealth Force side zip boots but many opt for what I call the ‘tactical training shoe’ or walking shoes; again personal preference or re-use what you may already own to keep costs down.

As for other accessories the sky is the limit, tactical/military watches, gloves (I’ve used the Oakley SI gloves I’ve had for some time now and still going strong(see review)) it’s all about what look you’re going for.The beauty of this style is nothing is really right or wrong, mix and match, experiment and conjure up a look you’re comfortable playing airsoft in, reuse some of that kit that maybe sitting at the back of a cupboard underutilised. Don’t forget the baseball cap if that takes your fancy as well!

Yosser says: Anything goes, unless you're after a specific period or historical scenario. Use and re-use what you already have to keep costs down. Customise gear and check out what the latest PMCs in country are wearing and how it's rigged out. Over all just have fun with it, and don't try and be too dogmatic about the whole look. If you're doing a team PMC look try and have some commonality between your gear for that co-ordinated loadout.

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