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Posted by Unknown On Friday, December 12, 2014

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Full Face Tactical Training

PDT Technologies’ New Full Face Tactical Training Mask Now Available Exclusively at Evike.com

PDT Mask is Ideal for Shoulder-Fired Weapons and Makes a Great Holiday Gift for Airsoft Enthusiasts

ALAMO, Calif. – December 11, 2014 – A new full-face tactical training mask from Practical Defense Training Technologies (PDT) is now available exclusively at Evike.com. Evike has partnered with PDT to bring the highest quality of professional training equipment to Airsoft. Used for over two decades by law enforcement and military professionals for non-lethal training ammunition engagements, PDT’s mask is now available to Airsoft enthusiasts. These masks feature a very comfortable and incredibly flexible mesh and low-density polymer construction that conforms to the user’s face and molds to shoulder-fired weapons. This allows for a proper cheek weld and does not hinder an operator’s ability to look down a weapon’s sights. Other features include a dual pane thermal lens with a proprietary coating for maximum fog resistance. PDT’s full-face tactical training mask is priced at $99.00. To purchase, please visit the Evike web site at www.evike.com.

PDT Tactical Training Mask
According to Evike.com representatives: “Evike is committed to offering high quality, technologically innovative products for Airsoft. PDT's next gen headgear incorporates an advanced feature set, and as the world’s #1 Airsoft retailer, we’re thrilled to make it available to our customers. When we tested the product, we found that the flexible material really enables users to form a proper cheek weld, addressing one of the challenges when using shoulder weapon. Additionally, the mask performed exceptionally well when it came to anti-fogging."

PDT’s full-face tactical training mask includes the following technologically advanced features:

  • A new, soft face mask constructed of flexible rubber provides a natural sense of feel, enabling users to form a proper cheek weld when using shoulder-fired weapons. Users can consistently and ergonomically acquire an unobstructed sight picture, solving primary issues that exists when using headgear with shoulder weapons.
  • Proprietary anti-fogging dual lens technology provides maximum visibility by mitigating the two temperature extremes (hotter inside, colder outside) that cause fogging.
  • Sleek, lightweight design provides freedom of movement and maximum visibility with 180-degree field of vision and a conforming, proper fit that leverages the integrated anti-fog technology.
  • A new low-profile design allows the headgear to be worn in conjunction with battle helmets/Kevlar helmets. A unique Velcro split feature in the face mask allows the chin strap to pass through and seal itself.
  • A durable mesh cover incorporated in the face mask promotes optimal ventilation. This feature helps prevent fogging, increases user comfort and breathability, and prevents oblique projectile strikes from reaching sensitive areas of the face and chin.
  • The headgear is constructed of closed-cell, low density polymer materials that do not absorb moisture, making it easier to clean and wipe for multiple uses.

About PDT Technologies

Founded in 1991, Practical Defense Training Technologies (PDT) is a reality-based training solutions provider that serves the military, law enforcement and civilian markets. PDT has engineered our RBT products to support these markets with the kinetic training, skill development and protection necessary to promote a higher standard of training and more positive outcomes in the field. The PDT line includes personal protective equipment, portable ranges, targets and tactical equipment. We provide mission support to the military, law enforcement and civilian markets and aim to be a good steward for the industry as it applies to end user safety and education. For more information or to enhance home station training capabilities please visit www.pdt-tech.com.

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