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Posted by Unknown On Friday, January 16, 2015

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@ GFPoint 2015 have an interesting event starting this weekend - how do you fancy this?

The GFPOINT airsoft orienteering race is the only event in Poland – and one of only a few such events in the world – combining airsoft activities with orienteering (the so-called foot-O). Such an event allows to check the participant's general fitness, and navigation skills, as well as his knowledge and expertise in matters of general defense, military and survival, all that combined with more than just a slight touch of airsoft.

Trophies for GFPointPlayers for GFPointPlayers @ GFPoint

The event's military character is defined by the requirements the participants must meet in terms of clothing and gear, as well as the type of task which need to be completed during the run, which include – but are not restricted to – a shooting range, killing house, general military knowledge test, etc.

This year we have decided to set the limit at 300 participants, with an additional 200 staff and volunteers. Bringing together airsofters, military enthusiasts, security, law enforcement and military officers, mountaineers, tourists and foot oriented sportsmen.

More Players @ GFPointand underground @ GFPointWinners @ GFPoint

In the upcoming 6th edition which will be taking place on January 17th 2015, the participants will once again face each other in the incredibly scenic areas of the Owl Mountains the oldest mountain range in Poland. Aside from the beautiful wild landscapes and very demanding routes, the area is covered with numerous objects, facilities and underground tunnels from the times of world war II, which seriously affect the incredible atmosphere of this event. The route will run, among others, through the tunnels of a post-Nazi complex of underground facilities in Włodarz.

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