SWAT Skirmish Reports for 2009

Posted by Unknown On Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gathered in one place for ease, here are all the skirmish reports and SWAT stuff for 2009. Enjoy!

2009 Skirmish Reports:

SWAT review of the year 2009 here.

Skirmish Report for 22nd November 2009 here.

Skirmish Report for 11th October 2009 here.

Urban Maneuvers in the Dark, and the fun we had here.

SWAT Urban expands it's venue. More scenerios, more fun here.

In stark contrast to the previous SWAT Skirmish Report for the 17th May this ones Hot Hot Hot Urban day held on 28th June 2009. here.

SWAT Skirmish Report for the rainy Urban day held on 17th May 2009, also a selection of SWAT's images here.

Get the SWAT Skirmish Report for the meeting on 26th April 2009, as well as a slide show of great piccies from the event here.

Blackhawk & 5.11 Tactical come to SWAT find out what happened here.

Get the SWAT After Action Report for the meeting on 5th April 2009 here.

News from SWAT collective, Blackhawk & 511 Tactical are coming soon.Get a taster here.

On the 15th March 2009 SWAT Urban held a Terminator Themed event. Find out how it went here.

Yossers Airsoft Odyssey get invited to join a team. Here.

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