The One Hundredth Post!

Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The 100th Post on this Blog!

I just wanted to celebrate this the 100th Post on this BLOG!

Little did I know when I started this blog back in Janurary 2009 that I would ever get to this point! People said to me I would be lucky to get just a hundred visitors, but to me that wasn't the point, all I wanted was to share my excitement of Airsofting! And so the Blog was born.

In the first year the blog achieved what I thought was a reasonable starting figure of just over 5000 unique hits, however imagine my surprise that the second year is not even complete and the number of hits has reached over 15000! With countless articles linked by Airsoft Forums across the world from France (who love the SiG 552 by the way) to Antartica via Italy, USA and Russia for links to the Magpul Masada not forgetting our own forums in the UK such as SWAT, Arnies, ZeroOne, & Manc-AS to name but a few.

The blog is eternally greatful to the help from SWAT and Dingodog's Airsoft & Tactical supplies for those first links to the blog and has gone on to achieve links with Kong Power, Facebook's Airsoft Fanpage, Bitter End, Airsoft Retailer Reviews.

I would also like to thank the players and staff at SWAT for the many fun times I've spent there, as well as some for volunteering articles from Scuffer, Topcat, and GuzziHero and of course NUTZ for the use of his many pictures across the site.

Some rare Pictures of Yosser your host! (click to enlarge)

Some stats for those that like them:

Visitors from 40+ countries right across the world (currently 58% of visitors from the UK) including unusual locations such as Afganistan, Madagascar, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, Trinidad And Tobago, Lybia, Syria and 1 visit from Antarctica!.

Most popular items (to August 2010) on the blog (click the link to go to the article):
Bitter End Goggles Review
ICS SiG 552 Review
SiG Accessories
Delta Team 3 site Review
Magpul PTS Masada Review
SWAT Archives
Viper Tac Vest Review
and surprisingly Sharpy's Player profile! must be getting his friends to access it!

Of course one of the biggest changes to Yosser's Airsoft Odyssey has been the addition of 'Apture', this allows visitors to Facebook, Twitter and e-mail to link to articles they like and easily pass onto friends and contacts, so extending the reach of the articles. 'Apture' also adds an additional cool feature that allows visitors to search on key words direct from the page by just highlighting the word, great facility.

The future? Maybe a new SWAT Urban site to review, maybe an Airsofting map for the North West, who knows what's around the corner? KEEP WATCHING & READING!
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Yosser's Airsoft Odyssey
Yosser's Airsoft Odyssey

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  1. Top Cat Said,

    well done yosser!! great blog x

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