Project Phoenix Part4

Posted by Unknown On Thursday, August 25, 2011

Special Projects
Phoenix Rising – The ARES G36c from the ashes
The story of a Rebuild Bargain

The mission is clear, A high end AEG for little cash!

Let’s get shooting!

Chrono Results
So the time has come to use my bargain ARES G36c in anger, would it last the course? The first test the AEG would face was the chrono and it came out a very site friendly 328-332 over 2 shots, so well below the 350 limit.

I managed to get a lot of kills during the day with ‘Phoenix’, I could have got more but for the lack of hop-up effect, caused in the end by user error... after a quick look over the hop unit and kicking myself a little, I set the hop and used the gun in an out door game, The range was excellent but the known air-leak was not helping the gun.

King Arms UpgradesUpgrades
So time to get to work, this AEG was only used with a 8.4 mini battery at the game and its rate of fire was very respectable and upon taking the gearbox apart the gear's and piston looked ‘still as new’.

The main issue was the air leak from the nozzle and already knowing the problem area's we set about sourcing some upgrade parts. We settled on KingArms parts for the upgrades due to their quality, compatibility and durability – after all the trouble we have gone to, we hope it’s a while before we have to do any more to this gearbox!

Parts Used:
KA metal cylinder head for the AUG (KA-04-12)
KA tappet plate for the g36 (KA-TP-03)
KA V3 Bearing spring guide (KA-05-05-N)
KA gear sector Clip (KA-PA-01)

Top Tip
Now why the AUG cylinder head I hear some of you asking, well the Ares G36 has a longer nozzle than a standard v3 so it’s a perfect after market part for this gun.

As soon as I got my hands on these parts I could not wait to get them in the gun.

First up, the cylinder head and it’s a nice looking bit of kit, shame it’s going to be hidden in the gearbox. It’s an aluminum head that’s been
CNC machined and fitted with an oil and friction resistant O ring and is a great fit into the Ares cylinder, it also has a nice rubber buffer to provide cushioning from the piston.

On fitting the cylinder and standard nozzle, I did a quick piston pressure test and as I had hoped the nozzle is a snug fit with no air leaking. Now, I could leave the gun like this but since the tappet plate is a little worn I opted to fit the King Arms G36 tappet plate, its a nice red unit and is meant for high performance AEG’s so it will work a treat in this gun. The plate is a light weight unit that also sports extra strength over a standard unit. It fitted in the gearbox like a glove and didn’t require any sort of ‘modding’ to fit.

The Bearing Spring Guide, if your gun is not fitted with a bearing piston head or guide they are well worth fitting, however do NOT fit both. These are fitted to minimize the load on the motor caused by the spring torsion. The KingArms spring guide is a simple metal unit, but why KA? Well the Ares G36 sports a quick change feature and the thrust bearings on the KA unit pass the hole at the back of the gearbox, I have tried 2 other makes of bearing spring guide and only the KingArms unit is the correct size. The spring guide still needs to have the locking wings cut down a little to fit the gearbox, but this is not a difficult job with your trusty Dremel.

Now I'm not going to fit the Gear Sector Clip just yet as the gun is only running on a 8.4v mini battery but if I was to run a 11.1v lipo or higher I would have to fit it. All it does is delay the release time on the tappet plate as high ROF guns will some times suffer from feeding issues.

I was going to take the time to shave down the 2nd and 3rd tooth on the piston on this AEG but after each use the gun has been stripped down and checked over with no noticeable wear on the piston. But I would advise you to carry out this mod on your pistons, as it can prolong the pistons life.

Those of you following this series will notice that the ‘Phoenix’ has been used both before and after the fitting of the KingArms upgrade parts. The effect for me has been very noticeable with an increased FPS, up to 338 but it was also producing a consistent FPS with only a two fps difference between shots on a standard spring.

The KingArms springs also gave some nice results again being very consistent, these results coming in at 302fps (92.21mps) for the M90 and 344fps (104.90mps) for the M100, the AEG also gave excellent range and groupings.

I can fully recommend the KingArms upgrade parts for the Ares G36c, the parts fitted have proven their worth in my hands with complimentary comments from fellow players at its performance.

The final part to this story will be some reviews from a couple of experienced airsofters who have asked to test run this gun and give it a good run out ........ What will they think of it?

Next Time, the Final Chapter...Players Reactions to project ‘Phoenix Rising’....

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