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Posted by Unknown On Saturday, January 26, 2013

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from 5.11

- Reviewed by Yosser

‘The weather outside is frightful but these gloves are so delightful’ – well, okay not exactly the words of the song but the weather is spot on for testing gloves now in the UK with temperatures hovering around zero, snow falling and the country practically paralysed.

Playing CQB or even woodland airsoft it’s wise to protect the hands from the usual cuts, scratches and other abrasive elements so gloves are a must have. As most airsofters will testify, a hit on the hands in cold weather can really hurt and frankly my existing gloves work well for protecting my hands but provide absolutely NO warmth what-so-ever, so I’ve been looking for a good all round glove for BOTH airsoft and more ‘normal’ everyday use and most importantly to keep the hands warm and protected.

I was first struck by the quality of these gloves when I removed them from their packaging and that lovely leather smell you get from a quality leather product. Made from goat skin they are tough, flexible, with a nice grain and soft to the touch. These Praetorian 2 Gloves you’ll find will be hard wearing in normal every day wear and the Tactical Touch™ Finger tips does make weapons handling and other handling tasks easier with the gloves. Don’t misunderstand, it’s not like you are NOT wearing gloves but equally they won’t feel like you are wearing bulky mittens. I have driven in these gloves, cleared snow from the car, even made snowballs for the tactical hound and they performed perfectly AND most importantly I stayed warm and dry through all tasks, all thanks to the Thinsulate C100 insulation lining which doesn’t bulk out the glove unlike some other makes I’ve come across. One side effect from this excellent insulation is the protection it affords airsofters from BB hits to the hands – great result!

Praetorian 2 Gloves5.11 Praetorian 2 GlovesPraetorian 2 Detail
5.11 Praetorian 2 Gloves

Now I didn’t notice any seam rubbing within the gloves themselves but the lining may ‘catch’ or ‘scratch’ should you have any existing grazes or chapped skin on your hands but that’s down to the fine lining in the glove. The elasticated wrist closure is firm, gripping the wrist nicely without making it too ‘difficult’ to don them.

I would say that you will need to check the sizing charts for these as I’m normally a large glove size and I find these a little on the big side, so please check sizings before ordering yours.

Yosser says: Great, great gloves by 5.11 and during this snow and cold blast we are having in the UK I’ve not felt the cold since donning these gloves. Great all-rounders with excellent performance with an almost second skin quality and did I mention warm! Only criticism from me is maybe the cuffs could have been a fraction longer but it doesn’t detract from these excellent gloves.

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