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Posted by Unknown On Monday, February 03, 2014

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Shot Show 2014
ICS Booth Update
by Mad Badger Airsoft

We sent our correspondents over to the ICS Booth @ Shot Show 2014 to find out what was happening and to get the intel on ICS in the UK market place with the impact of RoHS starting to now have an impact on UK airsoft products! What next for ICS & the UK?

ICS BoothICS BoothICS BoothICS Split GB EvolutionICS TranforM4
The Shot Show this year had some interesting new product lines both in development and about to be launched into the marketplace. One of the interesting developments we came across was when we visited the ICS booth on a search for updates of their products and to also discuss the perplexing issue of RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Compliance in the UK, and what manufacturers were doing to ensure that they ended up with compliant product(s).

The BIG news from ICS is the release of their TransforM4. With a whole new design the gearbox in the new AEG has been designed from the ground up. The new gearbox contains a version 2 split box, with certain additions and modifications designed to help in meshing the workings of the up and lower gearbox as one unit. As with many ICS guns, the internals will not all be V2 compatible, especially components designed to ensure the working of the, yes, blowback system. The new blowback system is mechanical but we were unable to obtain any details on the reliability testing conducted by ICS. In the M4 style body the workings are contained within were rather attractive, and looked to be about 98 to 1 in scale. It is said to work with generic M4 magazines but we would suggest caution is used for compatibility on mags. FPS on the TransforM4 will meet European guidelines for European buyers. ICS is dealing with RoHS compliance on the new AEG at present.

Keith spoke to the Head of International Sales at ICS for an extended period, and the outcome was interesting. Firstly, on a positive note, RoHS appeared to be working alongside ICS, and are willing to do so with other manufacturers, to ensure compliance. ICS told Keith that none of their current product was RoHS approved, but products that will reach the market shortly will have some compliance in place, and eventually products that will go to the UK, will. When asked what products would not go to the UK due to the administrative burden and cost of regulation, the official noted that there could be quite a few but we are not clear on exactly what! This aside, it is important to note that the products on sale now officially place the distributors and wholesalers at risk of massive fines and confiscations of stock.

In conclusion, the visit to ICS was very interesting. The new TransforM4 looks like an interesting development; with new technology and an attempt to deal with some of the issues of the ICS split gearboxes. The issues with RoHS though takes the cake.

WE have more to come on RoHS - keep tuned!

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