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Posted by Unknown On Thursday, February 06, 2014

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Quickshift on RangeSWAT Range Medals2nd Place Bamf presents medal to Iain3rd Place Nutz
The newest urban venue in the North West is also home of the S.W.A.T. Range.

The range is where airsoft players, and range rats can hang out, tinker with AEG’s and GBB pistols and rifles, make adjustments, team practice, skills and generally have fun and maybe some competition between mates.

The SWAT Range has facilities for target shooting with fully moveable and adjustable target stands to satisfy any plinking needs, whether it’s to adjust that hop-up, zero a scope and with a chrono available spend your time tinkering and adjusting. We can cater for both GBB and AEG’s and to help with the cold weather, somewhere warm to help with those cold gas magazines!

The range will be running a variety of competitions to test your skills over the coming year and we’ve just awarded our first medals to the top three in our 5m Static Pistol Comp. Well done to our winner Rob, 2nd place Iain and 3rd place Nutz. New monthly comps will be announced on our own Facebook page.

SWAT Range will also be trying out some P.A.S. style comps and practice – never heard of P.A.S. well its Practical Action Shooting – move & shoot, with an emphasis on tactical shooting, obstacles, and movement with less restriction than IPSC style. It still has rules and entry criteria but we’ll try and get our head around those over time – who knows, we’ve already been promised competition by the Burnley group, Protact Shooting members that started P.A.S. off.

Come and have fun on the range, check out the video:

Range fun & competition - SWAT Range at the Fortress based in Liverpool - Airsoft Odyssey © 2014

Players on the rangeMore Players on the rangeSWAT NUTZ on the rangeDown Range
All range charges are reasonable and you don’t have to come down to the site to skirmish. If you just want to check out your AEG’s or pistols, you can just come down and use the range if you want! The range runs most Sundays when a skirmish day is running, eye protection MUST be worn when entering and leaving the range (and obviously on the range itself) as this opens out into a potential gaming area.

Range Charges:
Pack of ten targets - £1.00
Plinking all day on our metal knock down targets - £2.00
Competition entry currently £1.00 per entry with 1 free practice run

Follow us on FACEBOOK to stay upto date with range goings on and competitions - come down and join in.
Our Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/SWATRange

SWAT Range is located at the FORTRESS, address details are:

Boundary Lane
Liverpool L6 9BY
entrance in on Hygeia St - off Severs St (which is off Boundary Lane)

Check the S.W.A.T. Urban website for more pictures and Intel on the site http://www.swaturban.com/

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