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News Archives

Find all the news items from 2012 covered by Airsoft Odyssey including intel from ASG, A-TACS, G&G, Fairs and events plus new releases from all your favorites here.

ASG with NEW StrikeSystems ProOptics dot sight, find out more ...here.

ATACS AU & FG by CAMOCLAD, wrap your 4x4 in ATACS, just need the 4x4 now, check it out...here.

PTS UK launched by Edgar Brothers, all the intel... here.

G&G announe Project 123 a way to get more out of YOUR G&G, more intel... here.

Airsoft Squared get your exciting guns & Girl's Calendar, more...here.

More on the ATACS UW gear...here.

Airsoft Exchange now does AUCTIONS, find out more...here.

ATACS gets a starrinf role in the new Call Of Duty video game Black OpsII, check it out...here.

UKAPUUKAPU news with up coming AGM intel and a statement from out going Chairman Matt Furey-king, more... here.

BASBritish Airsoft Show, more INTEL on the great event for the UK airsofting scene - INTEL out... here.

ATACS shirts in AU & FG from Applied Orange, find out more...here.

News of G&G's latest contests - win a trip to taiwan or fame with the video contest, more intel... here.

Autum deals on tactical kit from Intelligent Armour, see more... here.

NEW DCS Plate Carrier by Warrior Assault Systems in A-TACS FG find out more...here.

The Versatile Training Grenade is finally available for purchase - check out Caldymoose's review and enjoy...here.

Milspec @ AAF6 and just some of the lovely gear they are bringing via the mobile Milspec HQ 'Battle Bus'. More Intel here.

ASG launch the Bersa BP9CC ultra thin pistol, find out more ...here.

ASG's licenced B&T Barrel extension for the MP9, find out more ...here.

AAF6 Update, better get those tickets ordered. Find out whats going on and more here.

Check out the Stealth Operator Pack by Grey Ghost Gear available in A-TACS FG, check it out...here.

ICSLooking for Hi-caps for that great HK417D rifle from Umarex - Madbadgerairsoft has them, find out more... here.

ICSH4H Charity event @ Dragons Lair Airsoft this 2nd Septemeber, find out more here here.

ICSEXCLUSIVE ICS intel on the 'C-Mag' style Drum magazine suitable for a number of AEG types.... Find out more & see the exclusive spy pictures here.

Great news from King Arms releasing the FN P90 with full trades this looks to be the P90 lots of us have been waiting for, find out more here.

Warrior Assault Systems Elite Ops DCS Carrier Base now in A-TACS AU check it out...here.

BASBritish Airsoft Show, whats that all about - find out... here.

ICSICS announce the G33 with excusive pictures of internal and the FDE version on Airsoft Odyssey first.... Find out more & see the pictures here.

SWAT press release on the VTG package and price - get your Versatile Training Grenade before they sell out at this price - check it out...here.

Flashlight Heaven celebrate the 1k mark in positive Ebay Feedback - so get your tenner off! Find out more here.

XPower's very special M18 Mine - better known by some as a 'Claymore' - Teaser footage ahead of the review....here.

Spy footage and pictures from SWAT Area 51 of the HOT new V.T.G. - the Versatile Training Grenade, find out more...here.

Essex has a great NEW pistol and rifle club for airsoft - wow wish we had this in the North west of England, find out more...here.

ATACS camo materials now available to order - and in smaller amounts - for custom kit makers, find out more...here.

Win in a simple Facebook comp with Intelligent Armour some great UK real deal kit, more... here.

SWAT Area 51 with a NEW BFGX - check out the video and find out more...here.

Win with ASG on facebook a very special Bersa BP9CC Pistol find out more ...here.

ASG M15A4 ARMALITE Carbine with LMT stock find out more ...here.

Mil 1stMilitary1st now do airsoft weapons, accessories and more. Find out...here.

Helikon PCS MP uniform coming to the blog soon for review! Don't know what that is well find out more... here.

Milspec @ AAF5 and check out the video of the pistols on offer as well. See them ALL here.

Edgar Bros & Sterling Airsoft present BOOM! @ AAF5, find out MORE...here.

Licensed by Concern Izhmash, Russia, the original manufacturer of the legendary SVD & made by ASG. Find out more about the Dragunov...here.

The North West Airsoft Community Swap & Sell present Swap & Sell LIVE! Join in...here.

Milspec have the PSS Mosin Nagant available for Pre-order, more details here.

ICS now hold the MILKOR license and have rebranded their CXP Grenade Launcher as the ICSMGL-Series. Find out more & see the pictures here.

Snupak launch their Bivvie & Sleeping bags in ATACS, find out more...here.

SAS LogoSoldier I Training this time Pistol Training course with the SAS, learn the skills that makes the Regiment famous world wide here.

Bio-degradable BB's 'Open Blaster' by ASG. Find out more...here.

Milspec have a very special April 2012 offer on all GBB pistols, more here.

AAF5 News Update, with Airsoft Surgeon and lots and lots of stuff find out more here.

ASG launch 'Ultimate Performance Pistons'. Find out more about them... here.

Now available Magpul PMAGS for your G36, check it out here.

JOIN ASG on Facebook for MORE chances to win with 'OPEN TUESDAY'. Every Tuesday you could win a Months supply of BB's, find out more here.

Flashlight Heaven help Bristol Airsoft with their 4th year Birthday event, win prizes as well, find out more here.

JOIN ASG on Facebook for your chance to win an Ashbury ASW338LM sniper rifle, more here.

King Arms release a new Colt M4 RIS find out more and full specs here.

NEW A-TACS by Stratagem, including vests and HK417 pouches, more news...here.

Flashlight Heaven bring you some new kit a weapons mounted laser and Bipod unit find out more about them here.

Milestone reached for Airsoft SQ'd, more...here.

A-TACS 1st time at IWA 2012 show, more...here.

A-TACS news here from ZULU GEAR and some new pouches in ATACS of course....here.

Edgar Bros Sale - INTEL just in on bargain boots with spy pictures, find out MORE...here.

AAF5 Update, and news of a special guest star! Who? find out here.

Danner ATACS Boots exclusively @ The Grange, complete your ATACS kit with them, more here.

ASG Ashbury ASW338LM availble from Mid-March 2012 at retailers, more here.

Coming SOON the BFGx5, find out MORE...here.

Special one off Edgar Brothers SALEs EVENT news, find out ALL about it...here.

ASG launch the CZ Scorpion EVO3 A1 @ ShotShow 2012 the down side is thats its a year away at least. Find out MORE...here.

ASG news flash from ShotShow 2012 with the ASW338LM Sniper Rifle licence from ASHBURY. Find out ALL about it...here.

Edgar Brothers with a GLOBAL EXCLUSIVE on 2 Limited Edition, PTS with G&P AEG's find out ALL about it...here.

ASG introduce a great shell ejecting STi 1911-A1 RSS Pistol. Find out ALL about it...here.

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