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Posted by Unknown On Sunday, January 18, 2009

News Archives

Find all the GREAT news items from 2011 here.

ASG announce the GBB M1 Carbine as the latest addition to their growing arsenal of airsoft weaponry here.

GET the cards to go with your calendar, for a great time playing cards with this set of girls...here.

Intelligent Armour introduce some products made by them! Rigger & Pistol belt news... here.

ASG with a new license for the LMT M203 grenade launch in LONG & SHORT versions, more here.

Win some Exclusive Champers from Intelligent Armour... here.

Airsoft Squared now with forums for Questions & Answers and discussions, get USING them NOW... here.

SWATuk247.com are now OFFICIAL MAGPUL Retailers, come check out the gear along with Edgar Bros on the 11th December 2011 to find out more! - COME GET SOME HERE

SAS LogoSoldier I Training Bravo1 course is a GO...GO...GO! on 20-11-11 get the intel...places are limited here.

ASG are proud to announce their Izhmash Dragunov SVD-S licence here.

Flashlight HeavenFlashlight Heaven and Airsoft Action Mag join forces to bring you a FACEBOOK compo to win a years subscription and a CREE LED/Laser combo here.

Airsoft Squared 1.1 NOW LIVE and ready for use, get USING it NOW... here.

ICS with news of their SG MRS series - a tactical fully railed SiG in 552 and 551 flavours to drool over. Find out more & see the pictures here.

Flashlight HeavenNew Gear in at FlashlightHeaven including the Aimpoint Micro T-1 RD sight here.

Airsoft Squared launches in 1.1 flavour with a great list of improvements and new features here.

SAS LogoSoldier I Training Bravo1 course running again, interested parties are requested to declare their interest for limited places here.

ASG presents 2 new Dan Wesson Revolvers here.

Edgar Brothers release the latest HOTSHOTS 2012 Calendar for your viewing pleasure & Help for Heroes of coursehere.

AAF4 Update, ticket info and AIPSC pistol training too! All here.

The Magpul PTS RSA (Rail Sling Attachment)is finally available in the UK check it out here.

SAS LogoSoldier I Training Continues @ the Grange, book for your CHARLIE1 Continuation training NOW. Limited places here.

Airsoft Squared the social network site for airsofters hacked, find out about it here.

Flashlight HeavenNew stock in at FlashlightHeaven including the Ultrafire C3 Torch here.

Airsoft Squared at last launched in July 2011 check out the article for all your links to Twitter, Facebook, Blog and other media here.

The BURST WIZARD has arrived @ Airsoft Odyssey, check out whats it all about and whats coming up! here.

Krylon CAMO colours @ Firesupport essential kit for all modders out there. Checkout the colours available here.

SAS LogoSoldier I Training Begins @ the Grange, book for your BRAVO1 BASIC training NOW. Limited places here.

SAS LogoSoldier I announces Training Wing available @ The Grange, West Midlands here.

Dingodog logoLATCH Helmets available at Dingodogs, great for the SF look and camera mounting here.

Mil 1stNews in from Military1st and they now stock loads of Flyee Gear, great choice of colours and styles here.

Magpul PTS Masada Real Size HandGuard, plus AFG2 and Magpul E&P mags available from your friendly DingoDogs here.

Flashlight HeavenA great find on a lazy long UK bank Holiday, checkout Flashlight Heaven for scopes & stuff here.

AAF3 Update, ticket info and who's attending in one handy graphic here.

Firesupport have Magpul Iphone covers in for 3/3GS & Iphone 4's. Checkout the colours available here.

AAF has space for MORE private sellers! Check it out here.

latest ticket news from AAF3, get them before they're all GONE, Check it out here.

Mil 1stA great find on the interwebs, you HAVE to checkout Military 1st for a North West based internet shop for tactical, camping and airsoft gear here.

% Man CompNews on the Ai 5 man competition at Urban Assault and the prizes to be won here.

Great news from AAF3 and sponsors Edgar Bros here.

The UK spec Magpul PTS Masada AK version available for pre-order at DINGODOGS, get more info here.

UK Airsoft WikiNews on the launch of the UK's own Airsoft Wiki here.

Pete Winner, Soldier I coming to the 3rd Airsoft Arms Fair here.

AOA small teaser for some of the glorious kit items in for review, including ASG STi & CZ75D Compact and some more Helikon Gear including TCU Shirt and SFU Trousers. Plus more BB's than you could possible fire in several days skirmishing! here.

Dingo has IMI Holsters and magazine holsters to boot also a stock of ITW Fastmags. Checkout the news here.

News on the Heroshark range revamp in eye protection with the NEW VIPER goggles here.

Meet Edgar Bros Airsoft Bob and see his Gucci kit list here.

Brit-Tac weekender @ Copehill Down 23 & 24th April 2011 Update and background info here.

Yet More Magpul PTS Masada Accessories available @ Dingodogs Airsoft & Tactical Supplies Shop - Full RIS foregrip, Flash Hider and Silencer and 11.5 CQB Barrelhere.

More SiG552/551 Accessories by ICS this time its the Milsim Mag, no winding, no noise, check it out here.

News of the Level Peaks Windproof Comabt Smock for geardos who must have real deal kit here.

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