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Posted by Unknown On Sunday, January 18, 2009

News Archives

Find all the news items from 2013 covered by Airsoft Odyssey including the BIG stories of 2013 from UKARA's 'Frankgate' e-mail plus show reports from Shotshow 2013 and IWA and all the intel from them. Plus releases from SAG and A-TACS and more!

SWAT Fortress, Airsoft Odyssey got an exclusive sneek peek at the North Wests latest and greatest venue, check out the pictures and video....here.

Flashlight Heaven with a new look website and 20% discount. Find out more here.

Shop @ The Grange reopening and special offers - check out the press release, more here.

Practical Defense Training Technologies holiday special offers on Pro kit gear for airsofters, find out more....here.

ATACS FG gear by High Speed Gear. Find out more...here.

ATACS FG gear by Condor. Find out more...here.

AOAirsoft Odyssey with the scoop on new VCRA reboot proposals being put forward to potentially change UK airsoft check out...here.

SAGear now with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Check it out .....here.

ATACS LE - Law Enforcement 1st look here and now. Find out more...here.

Force1 Helmet by PDT - Practical Defense Training Technologies real professional gear for airsofters, find out more....here.

With even more features and opportunities for bloggers it's a great site check out more from Airsoft Squared and be part of their team...here.

ATACS AU & FG gear by Canada's best Gryphon Engineering. Find out more...here.

SAGear with more new gear this time the MRE Pouch. Check it out .....here.

Shocking news from the NAE 2013 - UKARA not required to purchase RIF's. Find out more and UKARA's response... here.

Maree attends and reviews the National Airsoft Event for Airsoft Odyssey.Check out the review and more from the event.... here.

PoleStar now at The Shop at The Grange - check out the press release, more here.

ATACS LE - Law Enforcement materials NOW shipping. Find out more...here.

ICS announce M4 Tubular RAS here.

ICSICS make an EXCLUSIVE UK deal with Firesupport, what are your thoughts on this development... Find out more here.

SAGear have everything for the (Airsoft) Combat Cameraman. Find out more .....here.

Airsoft Squared gets a new look with more to come. Find out more...here.

ATACS AU & FG wraps, for LifeProof iphone cases from Nightvision Corps, USA find out more...here.

SAGear now available in Italian Vegetato. Find out more .....here.

AAF7 nearly here and more to see with more retailer stalls than ever before. More... here.

Great friends of the Airsoft Odyssey blog produce their Combat Belts now in A-TACS FG check it out...here.

Gunfire.PLGunfire.PL checked out by MadBager Airsoft at the IWA 2013, more intel on the blog....here.

ATACS AU & FG wraps, iphone covers and magazine wraps from Nightvision Corps, USA find out more...here.

Madbadger at the Umarex stand checking out the Berretta ARX160 @ IWA 2013. Find out more...here.

North West Airsoft Alliance's BIG Game 2013 announced. Find out whats going on and more here.

AAF7 Intel Update, get your tickets now. Find out whats going on and more here.

MadBadger on the ASG booth @IWA2013 checking out the CZ09 pistol on show, find out more ...here.

Madbadger check out the Evolution Revolution going on @ IWA 2013. Find out more...here.

Looking at the M1 Garand, but which to buy? Can't decide between the ICS or G&G? Let the Mad Badgers help with some inside intel from Shot Show 2013. Find out more...here.

AAF7 Update, better get those tickets ordered. Find out whats going on and more here.

Great news for WE customers and fans for gear and spares they are now in Europe.Check it out...here.

VTG now available in colours including my fav 'Banana Yellow'.Check it out...here.

More from the Badgers with intel from KWA on the Kriss Vector & a new pistol in the shape of the Sphinx 9mm for airsoft. Find out more...here.

G&G Booth update from Shot Show 2013 by reporters Mad Badger Airsoft. Find out more...here.

Updates, offers and future deveopments over at SWAT Training Devices. Check it out...here.

ASG news update from Shot Show 2013 by special reporters Mad Badger Airsoft. Find out more...here.

ATACS LE - Law Enforcement launched at Shot Show 2013, check out the details...here.

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