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Find all the news items from 2014 covered by Airsoft Odyssey including the BIG stories from Show Show, Airsoft Expo and British Shooting Show. Plus more beside including events and SWAT happenings and intel. Plus releases and more news

Practical Defense Training Technologies USA launch a new full face mask, find out more....here.

Nominations period now open at Popular Airsoft - nominate and be in with the chance at some great prizes on offer...here.

ASG launch the McMillan M40A3 Sniper Rifle with 420 FPS out the box. Power and precision, see more....here.

Military1st.co.ukMilitary1st celebrate 100k facebook visitors so help them celebrate by entering the sweep stakes, entry details... here.

Gunfire.PLIntel on the Gunfire.pl photo comp with great prizes on offer, check it out before 26th Septemeber. More.... here.

20% off custom made KYDEX holsters and VTG holders with HW Holsters - check out the posting to save money throughout September 2014. More...here.

More news from Airsoft EXPO with events and MORE retailers. See more...here.

UKAPUUKAPU are BACK, so keep an eye out for more announcements and GET INVOLVED. Check out the latest....here.

Week day airsoft venue by the people who brought you NWACSS. Based in NW England, nr Stockport, find out more...here.

Exciting news from ASG with intel on the long awaited EVO3 A1 Scorpion. At last after a long wait, news....here.

Wolverine SMP - HPA system from the Grange to power your AEG - High Pressure Air, see more... here.

Airsoft EXPO more news from what promises to be the UK's leading airsoft exhibition venue...here.

Some great gear available from iA and a new Facebook Competition to enter. See all the detail.... here.

Great news on a new massive woodland site from SWAT Airsoft. Catch the news....here.

Formerly Gunman midlands, now GI Airsoft they have news of an exciting Weekender coming up....here.

Gunfire.PLGunfire with news on their Spyder KeyMod plus G5 and GK-74's plus more stuff from G&G. More... here.

News from ASG with their CNC'd Infinity motors, check it out...here.

New gear from SR Union at The Grange, some nice looking pistols in this out too! Check them out... here.

Gunfire.PLMore new gear and get those pre-orders in for the VAL with GunFire.pl.... here.

SWAT Range located @SWAT Fortress concluded its recent competition, Catch the news, results and pictures....here.

Gunfire.PLLots of new gear from Gunfire including E&L kit plus lots more, Check it out on the blog.... here.

SAGear with new kit and now in Norwegian M98 pattern to: Check it out .....here.

Airsoft EXPO news and some confirmed retailers in attendance, see who....here.

ASG bring us the latest pistol in the CZ family to join their ranks - the CZ SP-01 SHADOW, check it out...here.

News from the IWA2014 on the long awaited Action SL-MK4 Sterling SMG. See what our reporters made of it...here.

Milspec Solutions and Raptor Airsoft gave us a UK exclusive preview of the WE Apache MP5A GBB machine pistol. Check out the video and the intel.... here.

G&G show why they are top of their game in airsoft terms at IWA 2014....here.

Gunfire.PLSome new gear to report over at Gunfire.pl - standalone Grenade Launches by Arrow Dynamic - with short or long with or without M4 style stocks!- check them out... here.

An interesting update from the King Arms Booth at IWA 2014 featuring some nice GBBR on future release plus the VAL and Vintorez. More intel....here.

SimGun where you are part of the game as well. More than just lasertag -See more....here.

More from AO's special correspondents at IWA 2014 this time with the ARMEX crew and an exclusive interview with Alan Phelps...here.

ATACS LE now in stock ready to order at The Shop @ The Grange. Is this the first shoop in the UK? More intel... here.

AO's special correspondents at IWA 2014 with news from Cybergun and the UK market, Why have they been MIA for so long?.....here.

GreenZone Airsoft promise a different milsim experience in the theUK....get your intel....here.

A new airsoft event for the UK...Airsoft EXPO is here.... more intel....here.

Meet Clint & Jim from ATACS at IWA 2014, intel....here.

SAGear with a totally TACTICOOL take on the duffle bag: Check it out .....here.

IWADetails of the Airsoft Meetup at IWA 2014 and Airsoft Odyssey are now a media partner too! Details of how to attend or give a presentation....here.

UKAPUUKAPU announcement, Chairman Phil Bucknall resigns. Plus they want YOU to step up and go for committee positions - Volunteers wanted! Find out more....here.

BASYosser interviews the British Airsoft Club at BAS2014. Check the article for full press release and video interview for details on this UKARA alternative. More... here.

Airsoft Squared bring you even more functionality with more languages and a way to keep up with your favourite groups and vendors...here.

Badger's visit the ICS Booth at Shot Show 2014 and find out about the TransforM4 and all about the impact of RoHS on gear into the UK from ICS. Find out....here.

KRISS and the name change to Krytac for airsoft gear. Plus intel on the KWA split, all.....here.

Shop @ The Grange now taking pre-orders on ATACS-LE the new exciting Urban Law Enforcement camo pattern, check it out... here.

All quiet on the G&G front? So we sent in the Mad Badger Airsoft team to report in and find us that MG42....here.

Mad Badger Airsoft team report in from the Revision booth checking out the latest eye pro from them....here.

Shop @ The Grange now with new KingArms stock including the sort after SLR L1A1 - check out the intel... here.

The Mad Badger Airsoft team, covering Shot Show 2014 on the Press Range Day and give us an insight into goings on, see it all (including some celebs)....here.

Gunfire.PLGunfire.PL with a new updated SALE offer for UK buyers..but limited so hurry. More...here.

AO's first Show Show 2014 update from the Mad badger Airsoft team, covering the Kryptek booth and the Mandrake news, all....here.

SnugPak produce some great gear in ATACS AU. Check out what they have on offer....here.

Gunfire.PLGunfire.PL with a great offer for UK buyers..but limited so hurry. More...here.

BASBritish Airsoft Show, more INTEL on the great event for the UK airsofting scene 2014 - INTEL out... here.

ICS announce the TransforM4 which will be on show at ShotShow 2014. Previewed.... here.

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