SWAT AARs 2011 & Stuff

Posted by Unknown On Sunday, January 18, 2009

SWAT After Action Reports plus other SWAT events gathered here in one place for your delectation and amusement for 2011! Enjoy!

Available from SWAT NOW the Magpul PTS AK Masada ACR, check out this video here.

SWATuk247.com are now OFFICIAL MAGPUL Retailers, come check out the gear along with Edgar Bros on the 11th December 2011 to find out more! - COME GET SOME HERE

SWATuk247.com LAUNCH SWAT RETAIL at AREA51 from 4th Sept 2011 with prize draws and a night game (3rd Sept) - COME GET SOME HERE

SWAT Play host for the BIG game against F&O crew in this After Action Report for 10th July 2011 here

After Action Report for 5th June 2011 with a bit of Range Action SWAT style, of course!, report here.

AREA51 After Action Report for 8th May 2011 MORE Out Door In Door Action @ SWAT, report here.

Supplied by SWATuk247.com - Yosser takes a look at a money saving alternative and uses 10mm & 6.3mm Blanks in his BFG's check out the results and see the video... HERE...

AREA51 After Action Report for 10th April 2011 HANGER 18 open and report here.

AREA51 After Action Report for 13th March 2011 here. Featuring a great piece of videography by Simons88.

AREA51 After Action Report for 13th Feb 2011 here.

SWAT Announce the birth of the Tri-Programme your chance to make great savings on your games, get the details HERE!

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